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Services installations

Building reticulation systems

Electricity distribution installations

Emergency power installations

Electrical heating installations

Floodlighting installations

General lighting installations

Lightning protection systems

Power generator installations


Reticulation installations

High mast lighting installations

Street lighting installations


▪ Capacities from 5 MVA to 200 MVA

▪ Voltages from 11kV to 132kV

Town reticulation (132kV, 33kV, 11kV, 400/231V):

▪ Underground

▪ Above ground

Centralised metering systems

Decentralised metering systems

Ripple control installations

Transmission lines:

▪ Capacities from 1 MVA to 200 MVA

▪ Voltages from 22kV to 132kV


Elevator and escalator installations

Electrical passenger and/or goods lifts and dumbwaiters for buildings

Escalator installations for buildings and shopping centres

Optimising of lift services by means of computer analysis


Special electrical services

Airport installations:

▪ Lighting of runways

▪ Instrument landing systems

▪ Radar installations

Centralised control and monitoring systems for various service installations

Power factor correction and load control systems

Stage lighting and control installations for opera houses and theatres

Standby generator installations

Studio lighting and control installations for film and TV studios

Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems:

▪ Static systems

▪ Rotary systems



Service installations

Air compressors and compressed air installations

Air conditioning installations

Coldroom and freezer room installations

Commercial and industrial ventilation systems

Energy conservation and management systems

Energy optimisation studies & simulation systems

Fire fighting (sprinklers, gas and foam distribution systems)

Fire pumps, hydrants and hose reel systems

Fume cupboards and laminar flow systems

Fume extraction systems

Heating (steam, hot water, electrical and thermal storage systems)

Horticultural climate control systems

Hot and cold domestic water reticulation systems

Kitchen equipment and services

Laundry equipment and services

Process cooling and control systems

Refuse collection, disposal, incinerator and compactor systems

Sawdust and dust extraction installations

Solar heating installations

Vacuum and gas installations

Water heating systems


Site services

Automated coal and boiler ash handling systems

Centralised air conditioning plant rooms and complete site reticulation of chilled water systems

Centralised boiler rooms and site reticulation of steam or high temperature water systems

Central control and monitoring installations for all mechanical and electrical services

Passenger and material cableways and transport installations


Special electro-mechanical services

Access control, security gate and doors and vehicle barrier systems

Beam and gantry crane installations

Conveyor belt and general conveyor systems

Electro-mechanical drive systems for aircraft hangar doors

Granite excavating plants and granite saw inst.

Industrial electro-hydraulic goods lift installations

Industrial scissor type electro-hydraulic goods hoists

Materials handling systems

Mechanical stage installations for theatres

Pneumatic tube conveyor systems

Pump, filter and water treatment installations for swimming pools

Rack-and-pinion lift installations


Audio-visual installations

Building communication installations

Building evacuation systems

Clock installations

Closed circuit television (CCTV) installations

Conference systems

Electrical and electronic building services management control systems

Electro-acoustical installations for opera houses, theatres, auditoriums and lecture halls

Energy conservation and management installations

Fire detection and alarm systems

Hospital communication and nurse call systems

Intercommunication and public address systems

PABX and telephone installations

Perimeter protection systems

Personnel and vehicle access control systems

Portable radios

Process control and monitoring systems

Radio communication systems

Radio repeater systems

Remote control systems

Security installations

Transmitting & repeater stations TV, FM, AM

TV cable reticulation systems


Conveyor systems

Factories, factory layouts and allocation of facilities (site selection and design)

Investigation of equipment replacement programs

Investigation of production and inventory systems

Job evaluation (work study) and wage incentive schemes

Location studies for new factories

Machine tools and production processes

Mathematical modelling and optimisation of complex man-machine systems

Materials handling systems

Operations research

Production planning, quality and quantity control systems

Project management and control for new building installations and facilities

Quality assurance systems (design and installation)

Relocation of factories and industries ) local and international

Transport and distribution systems (design and optimisation)

Warehouse storage systems

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