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The curriculum vitae of our directors (shareholders), associates and consultants are as follows:


Dawid Bester Pr.Eng. (Reg.No. 860006)      [Director: Eastern Cape]

      B.Eng.(Stell); MBA


General electrical installations; reticulation installations; building services; uninterrupted power supply systems; emergency generators; computer centres; theatre lighting; power factor correction; pump installations.

Flip Bornman Pr.Eng. (Reg No. 750553)      [Consultant]

      B.Sc.Eng.(Elec) (UP); HBA (PU); Government Certificate of Competency (Mines and Works)


Electrical engineering projects including power systems, monitoring & control systems, communication systems and security installations. Airport Runway Lighting Systems, Instrument Landing System (ILS), AWOS.

Willie Boucher Reg Eng Tech (Reg No. 8840054)      [Associate]

      NTS N3

Electrical installations in buildings, MV & LV reticulation and distribution, standby power systems, fire detection.


Pieter Conradie Pr.Eng. (Reg No. 702795)      [Consultant: Western Cape]



Electrical control systems; electrical installations in buildings; uninterruptible power supply systems; fire, evacuation and security installations; emergency generators; sound and TV installations.

André Erasmus Pr.Eng. (Reg No. 890041)      [Director: Pretoria]

      B.Eng.(Elec) (Pta)

High and low voltage reticulation; emergency power systems; uninterruptible power supplies; floodlighting; power factor correction; building reticulation; control systems.


Pierre Fourie Pr. Tech Eng. (Reg No. 200970208)      [Director: Pretoria]



Electrical installations in buildings, MV & LV reticulation and distribution, standby power systems, security systems, BMS installations, fire detection & gas protection systems. Airport electrical systems, data installations, 400 Hz GPU’s, Aircraft Docking Systems.

Alexander Josias Durrheim Eng. Tech. (Reg No. 9140172)

      [Director: Vereeniging]


General electrical installations; electrical control systems; electrical reticulation; fire detection systems; security installations; building management systems.


Willie Heesen Pr.Eng. (Reg No. 810446)      [Managing Director: Pretoria]


Electrical installations in buildings; electrical reticulation; fire detection systems and security; emergency generator installations; control systems; electrical and electronic installations for liquid waste digestion. Airport Electrical systems, data installations, security installations.


Erich Schütte Pr. Eng. : 20010281 : 2001 (ECSA)

       [Associate. Durban]

        BSc Eng (Electronic.) (Natal)  MBA 2004 (Kwazulu-Natal)

Experienced in design, specification and contract management of electrical engineering projects, including—Power distribution and emergency power systems, electrical services in commercial and industrial buildings, communication systems, including radio based communication and telemetry, security and fire protection.


Coert Slabbert Pr.Eng. (Reg No. 20020251)      [Director: Western Cape]

      B.Eng.(Stell), M.Eng.(Stell)


Electrical installations in buildings, MV & LV reticulation and distribution, standby power systems, security systems, BMS installations, fire detection & GAS protection systems.


Louis Steenkamp

       [Klerksdorp Office Manager]

        Tech. NTC IV

Factories, Clinics, Fuel stations, Grain silos, Shopping centres, Mill factories, Pneumatic actuator / PLC /SCADA / Control Systems, Lightning surge protection & design, CAD drawings, Project management, Fire detection, Telephone systems, UPS systems, Standby generator systems, Low voltage power reticulation, Power factor correction, Security systems, Conference & office blocks, schools


Wehan Wessels Pr.Eng. (Reg No. 20020121)      [Director: Western Cape]


Electronic engineering : radio propagation planning, telemetry, automation design, CCTV projects for urban surveillance, data distribution networks, BRT automatic fare collection system.




Total staff:                                     49

      Pr. Eng.                                     11

     Engineers                                  4

      Pr. Tech. Eng                            6

     Technicians                               13

     CAD Operators                         4

      Administrative staff                    11

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